【tdr0378】It is actually fake? It is harmless even it looks sharp!


The founder Walt Disney created Disneyland having desire of “family to enjoy at the place safe and fun”.

From his will Tokyo Disney Resort has code of behavior of “SCSE”.

“SCSE” is stands for


“Safety – courtesy – show – efficiency” is the order of code of behavior and judgment.

Therefore, safety comes first at Tokyo Disney Resort.

And safety standards are set very strictly and they are putting efforts to not let any thing happen to the guests. When it is not safe people cannot have fun even it is the dreamland and it means it is against Walt’s will.

According to the principle Disney is putting efforts to avoid harmful things from the Disney parks.

For example, the iron fence at “Haunted Mansion” at Tokyo Disneyland.

The tip of the iron fence shapes sharp rhombus like spear and it looks very harmful when it pokes you… But actually the tip of the fence is fake.

By just looking the tip of fence and fence looks like it is made of iron, but it is made with soft material that bends when putting force.

Even props that have sharp ends are decorated for performance they are all made with soft material by considering safety.

Then guests wouldn’t have to get injury when hitting it by mistake.

The attitude of having solid safety measure and not compromise the performance made Disney park as first class theme park.

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