【tdr0377】Disney exceptionally inducted into a hall of fame?


It is all the sudden, but have you ever heard of word “inducted into the Hollywood hall of fame”?

The official name is “Hollywood Walk of Fame” and is established by Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1959.

It is selected by public vote by select about 20 people who have been active from 5 categories such as motion pictures, television, recording, radio, and live theatre.

The name that has been selected will be written down with symbol mark of the category on the star shaped terrazzo plate with border of brass and bury on the sidewalks on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

Symbol mark is listed below.

Motion picture: Camera mark
Television: TV mark
Music: record mark
Radio: DJ mark
Live theatre: comedy/ tragedy mark

Anyway, not just human would get selected on “Hollywood Walk of Fame”.

Actually fiction characters from animation is also subjected.

As Japanese characters “Godzilla”, “Mickey Mouse”, “Donald Duck” and “Winnie the Pooh” has been selected for “Hollywood Walk of Fame” on motion picture category.

As we expected, it is the world Disney. But it is too early to be surprised.

Actually Disneyland itself selected for “Hollywood Walk of Fame”.

In July 2005 the first Disney park Anaheim, California Disneyland celebrated the 50th year. It was inducted into Hollywood Walk of Fame” by commemorating the anniversary.

Disneyland was the first time not human or character was nominated.

Plus it does not suit in any genre such as motion picture, television, recording, radio, or live theatre, so the symbol mark that carved on plate was decided on “Cinderella Castle”, which is unusual.

The reason why irregular was accepted is because Disneyland is loved by worldwide.

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