【tdr0371】Three biggest mountains are not related to Walt?


Disney parks are worldwide.

The first Disney park “Disneyland” of Anaheim, California is the basic.

This Disneyland is a theme park that made “Walt Disney’s” ideal or dreams come true.

His ideas are all over like on attractions, shops, restaurants, and theme lands.

So, he cared about Disneyland deeply and loved throughout his life.

The thing he created is now passed down and loved by many people, but it has been over 45 years since Walt has past away and attractions that he is not involved are increasing.

Actually there are popular attractions at Disney parks that he did not get involved.

That is “Three biggest mountains”.

Which are the Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain.

These three are famous for having high popularity and majority of people who have been to Disney parks probably have an experience of going on these rides.

But these three attractions have nothing to do with Walt’s intention.

It is obvious that because this three biggest mountains are constructed after more than 10 years of his death.

Walt has past away in 1966. 11 years after Space Mountain was built in 1977, Big Thunder Mountain in 1979, and Splash Mountain in 1989. So, it is obvious the fact Walt did not get involved.

But Disney is passed down and protected by people who took over the Walt’s wish, so in a way Walt’s intention is related considerably.

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