【tdr0348】What is Disney’s own system “audio animatronics”?


You probably have seen animals or dolls that moves with sound at attractions of Disney parks.

These are developed by Walt Disney Imagineering and this robots are called “audio animatronics”

“Audio Animatronics” is coined word of “audio”, “animation”, and “electronics” and as the name tells it is controlled by computer to sympathize with robot’s movement and voice.

So, this “audio animatronics” is released in 1963 at “The Enchanted Tiki Room” that opened at Anaheim Disneyland.

“The Enchanted Tiki Room” is an attraction that watch show of birds and flower sing and dance with music. Of course the birds and flowers are created by “audio animatronics” and because of that it forming as an attraction.

And now it became the thing that cannot do without for the productions of Disney theme park like thrilling production like Jungle Cruise or sweet production like It’s a Small World.

Disney parks are improving every day to make the guests to spend a great time, so it is exciting to see the further progress.

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