【tdr0337】Japanese are more positive about taking photos than Americans?


When visiting Tokyo Disney Resort you would want to take pictures for memory.

Have you ever experienced cast asked to take photos for you when you were going to take photo with camera or cellphone?

Casts are always paying attention to guests if they were having trouble with taking photos at Tokyo Disney Resort, so they positively ask if they can help the guests.

By that guests who are hesitate to ask for can get the photos taken by casts and this service doesn’t really exist at Anaheim’s Disneyland.

First-class service is the sales point of Disney park, but why America is negative about it?

The reason is the cultural difference.

America is a country that people sue about little thing that it even called “the nation of frivolous law suits. Among the suits there are things that hard to understand or there is no any chances.

The reason people sue even there is problem such as above is because the price of compensation is relatively high. There are many people think like even thought it is such a little thing and doesn’t have sue, but when possibility of acquiring high amount of compensation.

America is such country, so if the camera breaks when offering to take photos of guests it would be more than recompense.

The cast surely required to pay huge amount of compensation.

Even little scar can be the cause of suing.

That is why they become negative about taking photos for the guests.

Although it doesn’t mean that they never help. It is just the story of Japan is more positive than America, so they will help when asking for it.

When the country is different the culture and service become different…. It is obvious, but it is surprising when realizing it.

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