【tdr0276】Walt loved be called with his first name only?


What kind of relationship do you imagine when calling a person with only first name rather than last name? The relationship narrow to family, boyfriend, girlfriend, or close friends, right?

This behavior is only permitted between close friends or between people who understand each other well and when some people who you are not close to call you by first name only makes you irritated.

That’s how special behavior to call someone by first name.

Anyway, when we start to work we call the colleague only their last name to the other companies.

This is official and is permitted to be call colleague without Mr. or Mrs. or rather their last name, but to call the boss without title or just the last name is not permitted.

Much less, there is no way to call their first name, but the father of Disney, Walt Disney was different.

Actually he made his workers to call him “Walt”.

People supposed to call him “Mr. Walt” and that is the manner. So, of course workers called him “Mr. Walt”. But he did not like how he was called, so told them “the person you can call with Mr. is only Mr.Toad(Disney character).”

And the company adopted the rule of calling colleagues by first name, which is “first name system”.

It seemed like he wanted to make an environment of people can speak freely and exchange opinions by not having tied down by hierarchical relationship like boss and employees.

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