【tdr0271】Walt Disney lied about his age in the past?


Have you ever thought of wanting to become an adult when you were a child and wanting to go back to your childhood when you are an adult?

When we were young we all aimed high yearning for adults.

I am sure it did not feel good when people treated you like a child and felt delighted when people treated you like an adult.

Then when we actually become an adult we miss the freedom we had when we were young and sometime we lie about own age… After all, that’s what’s called crying for the moon.

Anyway, the father of Disney, Walt Disney has lied about his age in the past.

This is when he was around 16 years old.

He fudged his age. But it wasn’t because he wanted people to think he is an adult.

Then why he had to fudge his age?

When Walt Disney was at 16 years old it was 1981, which is in middle of World War I.

At that time he wanted to contribute to his own country, because he had strong feeling of patriotism. So, he decided to volunteer for Red Cross.

Although, to be able to join the Red Cross it had to be over 17.

So, Walt Disney had to lie about his age to make his age over 17. As a result, his lie never found out and he successfully joined Red Cross after quitting his school.

To contribute to his own country when it was in critical period by lying about his age is… unexpected and it is hard to believe that person who contributed to his own country and the person who is the father of the dreamland is the same.

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