【tdr0266】The host who were invited on special TV program of opening the first Disneyland was such a famous person!


Speaking of theme park that is located in Anaheim City of California, Los Angeles suburb, United States of America is the first “Disneyland”.

This theme park was opened in public on 1955, July 17th as first theme park by Walt Disney Company.

On the day of opening many famous people, Hollywood stars, and many reporters were gathered.

All of America was drawn attention to the style of Disneyland created that is “to limit the entrance to one and to pay $1, which is expensive at those days (now it refers to $8) rather than typical style, which is “ there are many entrance and free to enter the theme park.

Therefore, not just broadcasting the moment there were special TV program dedicated to that.

And that special TV program invited certain famous person as host.

The person is later 40th president of United States of America “Ronald Reagan”.

During 1950’s, he was active as film actor and was not involved with political activity yet. Later he became the president of United States of America in 1981 after being California governor, but the fact of choosing him is surprising.

Unexpectedly, he used to work as radio announcer before becoming film actor, so his narrative skill was superb.

That explains everything why he was offered to be the host.

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