【tdr0250】On the behind of success of Disneyland Lassie was involved?


TV drama “Lassie” was broadcasted for 20 years since 1954 to 1974.

This piece made Collie famous.

This “Lassie” and “Walt Disney” had little connection.

It happened during the building the first Disneyland. Walt Disney suddenly thought. Once this Disneyland gets completed guests will come from all over the America. America is a huge country. Obviously there are people who cannot get back to their home in one day. Then hotels will be necessary.

But at that time most of the funds were allocated to construction cost of Disneyland and there wasn’t any room to build hotels.

And Walt asked for funding to his friend “Jack Wrather”. And this “Jack Wrather” is the executive producer of “Lassie” and Walt Disney’s benefactor.

At first he was disapproved about funding, but he yield to Walt’s passionate persuasion and promised him to provide funding. Therefore building Disneyland hotel became real.

If “Lassie” wasn’t famous and wasn’t a hit TV drama then “Jack Wrather” didn’t have funds that he could offer and If “Jack Wrather” didn’t agree on Walt’s proposal then building hotels didn’t happen.

Then his wish of gathering guests from places far away never became true….I could go on and on.

To say one thing “Behind the success of Disneyland Lassie was involved”.

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