【tdr0242】Which Disney song influenced The Beatles?


“The Beatles” is the rock band that spread around the world from England.

The Beatles have achieved records of authorized as “Most successful group artist” on the Guinness World Records and is still has countless number of fans and continue to have a great influence to them.

They left numbers of records and legends behind. The first original album “Please Please Me”, which is England official started to sell their name to people in every range of age.

This is an album that still famous, but the song that I want you to spot on is a song called “Do You Want To Know A Secret”. Credit is “McCartney = Lennon” (common name that used as credit of music and words for Paul McCartney and John Lennon did).

Actually this song was made because of some Disney song.

It started since John Lennon was in his childhood.

Back in the day his mother used to sing to him and one of her repertoire was “I’m Wishing” from soundtrack of Disney Animation “Snow White. John Lennon loved this song among her repertoire and he kept this as one of his memory with his mother.

May be that memory appeared in him that he made “Do You Want To Know A Secret” based on the lyrics of “I’m Wishing”.

Memory of the mother and the child, which Disney created, became a song that sang by world famous band… Disney’s influence is beyond our imagination.

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