【tdr0226】There was a nice round anniversary in 2011 at Disney’s?


Life is so long that you get so many turning points and get to celebrate so many things and like birthdays, wedding anniversary, or days that related to age like a festival day for children of three, five and seven years of age or coming of age ceremony.

Especially birthday, it is the day that you reach every year so it is very familiar.

Some people doesn’t treat special these anniversaries, but majority of people take it as an important day and celebrate.

And some people have first date anniversary and make monthly anniversary like “first month anniversary”.

Speaking of anniversary with boyfriend or girlfriend, Korea the country next to Japan.

Actually Korea has habituation of making anniversary with boyfriend or girlfriend and “100th day anniversary”, which celebrate the 100th day from the first date is getting popular. For Japanese people xx th day anniversary isn’t very familiar, so it feels too much to count the days.

Anyway I have explained about “anniversary” quite a bit, but in 2011, certain day anniversary for Disney happened continuously.

First the “30,000th day anniversary of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s birth”.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse has same birthday, which is 1928, November 18th and 2011, January 7th was the their 30,000th of birth.

Next was Walt Disney who is the father of Mickey Mouse’s “40,000th anniversary of birth”.

Walt Disney was born in 1901, December 5th and 2011, June 11th was his 40,000th day of birth. To have round anniversary of the father and that character on the same year is such a rare case.

Lately there are apps or website that calculate the “days” are released on Internet.

It would be quite interesting to calculate how many days have passed since you were born. May be the round number will appear on the screen.

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