【tdr0162】What is “Black Sunday”, the day Disneyland failed.


Speaking of the first Disneyland is theme park that located in Anaheim City of around Los Angels California, United States of America. This is the first theme park that Walt Disney Company made and the Disney park history was began from here.

Now it is known as theme park that attends the guests finely and the popular theme park that loved by many people, but when it first opened it was “awful” apparently. But why people said such thing?

Back in the day, the theme parks had “several entrance and it was free to enter the park”, but Disneyland “narrowed the entrance to one and had to pay $1 for the entrance fee, which was very expensive in those days (about $8 today)”.

This had founder Walt Disney’s desire of “wishing everyone to enjoy with the family at safe and joyful place” is implied and also said and was broadcasted on TV “to bring happiness and energy from here to the world is my wish”.

Then the day it opened, 1995, July 17th.

Inside the park, there were invited Hollywood stars, famous people, and many media people to broadcast the event were gathered and even thought the entrance fee was expensive many guests came also. It seemed it was going well….but forged tickets were detected.

There were also people who let the people get inside with $5 by putting ladder on the wall. By that, the estimated visitors were 20,000guests, but actually including people who used forged ticket 35,000 guests visited in total.

Also troubles continue to happen.

There were only 20 attractions when it first opened and one attraction broke down. If this was the only thing happened it was better, but putting guests on the ferry more than the maximum capacity it couldn’t cope with the weight and it sank down. Also gas leaked at “Fantasyland”, water fountain didn’t work because plumber went on strike with construction and the pavement of “Tomorrowland” was muddy… It was like calamity one after another.

And it was so unfortunate that weather was awful too.

It was actually sunny, but it was intensely hot that the temperature was 98ºF. The asphalt was melted and women’s heels were stuck, so ironic rumor of “Poodle disappeared by sinking down the asphalt” was spread.

Moreover, character costume of “Mickey Mouse” and “Minnie Mouse”, which is the main character of Disneyland was so thin that it was obvious that there were people inside and the face had foolish look that it wasn’t cute at all and it just looked so fake. It is unknown if Walt checked the state of character costumes.

Since the dreadful opening day, Disneyland staff named this day “Black Sunday” and it was admonished. If Disney didn’t work hard or not willing to make things better than Disneyland would have failed and wouldn’t have built theme parks all around the world.

But the reality is that it was loved by so many people and they were supportive. 60 years later from the “Black Sunday”, Guests love towards Disneyland and Disney’s ambition is protecting the Disneyland.

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