【tdr0140】7 items that you don’t want to forget when going to Disneyland.



It doesn’t really need to mention, but it is actually easy to forget to bring. Smartphone can take movies too not just pictures. Also, don’t forget to check the memory capacity of the device before hand.

I am sure there are many people who go to Disneyland for anniversary or birthday. To capture the moment of “anniversary at Disneyland”, which can only taken once, camera is the item that you don’t want to forget.

Different view of the world, events that changes seasonally, and attractions that continuously progressing. Disneyland is reservoir of photo opportunity.

Actually camera is sold everywhere, so you can buy on the way, but it would be better to bring the one that you are familiar with to not miss the moment.

2.Sunshade and keep off the cold hat.

You will be walking or standing outside when you are inside the Disneyland. You might wait for the attractions inside if lucky, but most of the time it is not.

When waiting outside in the summer for long time without wearing a hat you may heatstroke. To choose a broad brimmed hat, it can prevent getting sun tanned.

The hat is necessary even in the cold winter too. Even wearing earmuffs or scarf, hat makes huge difference when you are queuing.

3.Folding fan.

It would be more comfortable if bringing one folding fan.

Of course to stand the heat when waiting during the summer, but also you feel too hot being inside due to heater is working too much. For such time, using folding fan can make you feel more comfortable.

Fan would be good too, but folding fan can be folded so it is recommended.

4. Plastic bottle.

When walking around the park unmindful of the time all day people tend to forget about hydrating. The air is dry during the winter, so be aware of hydrating.

Of course drinks are sold inside the park, but it is difficult to go and buy when you are queued up. For such time, bring one drink bottle.

5. Disposable heat patch or ice pack.

At Disneyland, you will be spending so much time waiting outside. There is no AC or heater outside, so disposable heat patch during winter and ice pack for summer is must. There are people feel warmer putting the heat patch on the stomach and some people feel warmer putting it on the back… It really depends on the person. But there is a theory of it’s better to put on the back.

Although inside the shoes is not very familiar. There is heat patch for shoe. Coldness conducted the leg from the cold ground, so by using shoe heat patch it would make difference with how you feel the coldness.

To put the normal heat patch inside the shoe may have the possibility of getting burned and is very dangerous. Please do not do that.

It is great to ice the back of neck with ice pack with summer sunlight, but ice pack that used by freezing it gets warm within few hours. It would be better to use the ice pack that can be used repeatedly by wetting it.

Sunscreen is necessary. By applying sunscreen with high SPF (about 50 or above) on back of neck reduces the heat that neck feels by the sunlight and you can enjoy the park comfortably.

6. Sanitization tissue

You have times that want to wipe the hands when walking while eating outside. You can wash the hands at bathroom, but the entire park is busy and those areas are obviously busy.

When wanting to wipe the hands, but it is not a big deal to go to the bathroom… sanitization tissue is convenient.

7. Plastic bag.

Plastic bag is convenient when going on a trip not just coming to Disneyland.

When you are on the trip you munch snacks, open what you have purchased, or wipe the hands with sanitization tissue… generates “little” trash often.

You wouldn’t be bother to go and find the trash can or it doesn’t always located near you… But it would be dirty to put in the bag… Plastic bag would be convenient those times.

Various sizes of plastic bags are sold at $1 shop and there is sealed plastic bags with zipper too. With plastic bag with zipper that says “for food” it can also puts food not just trash, so it is more convenient that it doesn’t select what can put it or not.

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