【tdr0090】”Disneyland” isn’t the name Walt Disney was thinking?


In 1955, July 17, the first theme park that runs by Walt Disney Company was opened in Los Angeles suburb of Anaheim City, California, United States of America.

That Disneyland almost reaching 60th anniversary and from that beginning now Disneyland is made in all over the country, so that name is infiltrate everyone.

Achievements and scale is related to infiltrate the name, but it is also the name of theme park is important. The naming of “Disneyland” is distinct that is easy to remember, sound pleasant, and have nice ring to it is very easy to infiltrate.

Although, “Disneyland” isn’t the name Walt Disney was thinking.

He was thinking to name that theme park “Mickey Mouse Park”.

To compare with “Disneyland” it makes give you an idea of smaller scale. Actually he was going to build “smaller scale of theme park”.

In 1940, he was thinking to create theme park on the land that exists beside “Walt Disney Studio”, which located in California Burbank, United States of America.

Walt Disney was working over the construction, but there were too many things that he wanted to put in the theme park and all of those won’t fit into that land was detected. So, planned construction site changed to Anaheim, California.

When the scale gets bigger, “Park” cannot express it. So, “land” was selected and the name became ” Disneyland”.

Now that everyone knows about the name of “Disneyland”, so when getting told “Mickey Mouse Park”, it doesn’t really click, but if the theme park was named “Mickey Mouse Park” it probably infiltrated all over the world.

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