【tdr0081】Walt Disney’s life ~His last words~


In December 5, 1901 the fourth child was born to “Elias Disney” who was a railroad worker in Chicago, Illinois and wife “Flora”. Name of “Walter Elias Disney”, which took from vicar that baptized “Walter Parr”. This was the moment that world famous “Walt Disney’s” birth.

Walt loved drawing in his early childhood and started to go to “drawing class” since moving to Kansas City in 1911 from ambitious and interest towards drawing.

And in 1923, Walt moved California after experienced work at “Red Cross” and “Advertisement Company” then “Walt Disney Company” was found with his brother Roy. O. Disney.

In 1937, world first feature-length color animation “White Snow” was released after many twists and turns. It achieved great success with standing ovation and Disney achieved his dreams little by little.

After he kept delivering dreams and hopes to people all around the world by producing many films and building dreamlands, but in 1966, Walt was seized with an illness. Lung cancer was founded when he visited hospital thinking old wounds is causing the pain that pressuring neck nerves. At that time he was already 64 years old, so living under medical treatment was very tough on him and his body gradually got skinner.

He visited studio for only once while fighting against the illness. When his colleagues looked his thin and pale face, they noticed how he is suffering with the illness.

And it was the time to go back to the hospital and he said “good bye” to the colleagues when he was leaving the studio. At that time colleagues convinced that they would never see Walt again. It is because Walt always said, “see you” when he was leaving the studio. “Good by” and “see you” has huge difference. Walt probably knew how long he could live.

Treatments couldn’t help him and in December 15, 1966, he passed away quietly.

A year later “The Jungle Book”, which is Walt’s posthumous work, was released. Film that packed full of Walt’s personality, his colleagues said, “it was like a Christmas present from Walt”

His work that left on this earth is continuously delivering dreams and hopes to us.

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