【tdr0065】Walt’s great love for the Disneyland


On July 17, 1955, the Walt Disney Company opened its first theme park in the city of Anaheim, located in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. The first Disneyland is celebrating the 60th anniversary this year. Walt Disney, the father of Disney films, had special feelings and deep affection for the park.

Since the theme park was his ideal and ‘dream come true’, he had a deep emotional attachment to it. He wanted to see it every day, and actually made ‘something’ in the park to achieve that.

That ‘something’ was his private apartment.

It may be beyond ordinary people’s minds, but he had his apartment built there only to watch the Disneyland every day. The apartment was built in “Main Street USA”, which was modeled after his hometown, Marceline.

The apartment is located on the second floor of the firehouse of Main Street USA. He used to spend weekends in this apartment, watching the Disneyland crowded with people. It is said that he sometimes slided down the fire pole to the ground floor. He is a charming guy, isn’t he?

This apartment is still there. Everything inside of the room, including the tableware and furniture, is preserved just as when he was alive.

Even after he passed away, the lamp near the window is always kept on just as when he was spending his time in the apartment, to show that the Walt Disney’s spirit is still there to watch over the Disneyland.

We are impressed at the Walt Disney Company’s continued respect for Walt’s spirit, which has been kept for as long as 60 years since the opening of the Disneyland in Anaheim.

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