【tdr0042】 Building height restriction for eliminating the reality


Tokyo Disney Resort places importance on providing a dream experience to the guests. That is why it is devising ways to make the guests forget about the reality.

They are making every effort to provide a dream experience – for example by reducing the number of or hiding things that remind the guests of the reality in Disney Parks.

You may not notice unless told so, but inside Disney Parks you have not seen buildings other than the Disney attractions or landmarks, have you?

That is related to the height restrictions for buildings specified by the Disney company. To allow the guests to forget about the reality and to maintain a dreamland, the Disney Parks do not have buildings exceeding a certain height inside and around the parks.

More specifically, it is specified that hotels built in the Disney Resort must be 12 stories or lower. If higher than that, the buildings would be seen from the Disney Parks.

Furthermore, the height restriction is intended not only to protect a dreamland but also to avoid the unlucky number for Western people, “13”. The restriction makes the buildings invisible from the Disney Parks and avoids the unlucky number. It is ‘killing two birds with one stone’, isn’t it?

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