【tdr0029】 The success of Tokyo Disneyland was due to the first president of Oriental Land and roses?


What Tokyo Disneyland is today is due to the success of the Oriental Land to attract it to Japan. Then, do you know who made up a plan to attract Disneyland to Japan?

The person was Mr. Chiharu Kawasaki, the first president of the Oriental Land. He served as the 5th president of Keisei Electric Railway before that. He visited the United States in January 1958 to buy roses to establish Keisei Rose Nurseries, Inc. later.

On his visit to the U.S., he visited the just-opened Disneyland there. He was deeply impressed by this wonderful theme park and came up with the idea to attract it to Japan.

After coming back to Japan, he asked his close associate Mr. Hideo Edo, then president of Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., to join him to take the lead in attracting Disneyland to Japan, as part of the Oriental Land’s large-scale leisure facility project to develop and utilize the area off Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture.

They had negotiations after negotiations for a long period of time, going through twists and turns. Their great efforts led to what the Disneyland is today.

If he had not visited the U.S. to buy roses… there would be no Disney Resort in Japan now. We have to thank Mr. Kawasaki for having believed what he thought was good and acted according to his instinct.

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