tdr0965_Certain thing is set on the tower of Cinderella Castle


“Cinderella Castle” rises center of Tokyo Disneyland.

It is a symbol of Tokyo Disneyland that has 167 feet high and it cannot be ignore from far away.

So, when speaking Cinderella Castle, the 29 towers are the things that draw people’s attention.

Molding towers that has different hight are so beautiful and fascinated to watch.

Especially the gold tower that is the highest has an impact, but actually certain thing that is necessary to operate is set.

That certain thing is “inside Park business use antenna”.

Because it has certain hight and is located at center of Park, so it is perfect condition setting antenna, so it ended up there.

Nobody would ever though there is antenna on tower that shines gold.

By the way, second highest tower has for replay antenna of parade music that it is used as connecting spot to send music to speakers that installed each float from control center that is located back of ToonTown.

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