tdr0949_Symbol of Disneyland in America is not Cinderella Castle?


“Cinderella Castle” has overwhelming existence by locating at center of Tokyo Disneyland.

It appears on Tokyo Disneyland’s logo and it has been established as a symbol, but it doesn’t mean Cinderella Castle exists in every Disney Park in the world.

Cinderella Castle exists at Magic Kingdom that located in Florida, America and Tokyo Disneyland, so it only exists with two.

Surprisingly Cinderella Castle doesn’t exist with home of Disneyland in California, but it has other castle.

That castle is “Sleeping Beauty Castle”.

It is a beautiful castle having color of pink and blue.

This “Sleeping Beauty Castle” also exists with Paris Disneyland Park and Hong Kong Disneyland other than America Disneyland.

By the way, castle at America Disneyland is the smallest and castle at Paris Disneyland, so each castle has own uniqueness.

It is quite surprising that each castle doesn’t build in same.

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