tdr0759_Unconfirmed animal topiary at in front of Cinderella Castle


“Topiary” is a green art that can be enjoyed at inside of Tokyo Disney Resort.

Trimmed lawn and manicured topiary is always beautiful.

Anyway, most of topiary that is created inside Tokyo Disney Resort is in shape of Disney related characters, but unconfirmed animal shape of topiary is also exist inside Tokyo Disney Resort.

That topiary is “sea serpent”

It is a narrow dragon that lives in the sea and often seen after middle Ages.

Sea serpent topiary can be found at Plaza in front of “Cinderella Castle”, which is Tokyo Disneyland’s symbol.

You can find sea serpent as if it is swimming in the lawn.

Plant that is used on this topiary is yew plum pine, which is coniferous tree and it used to be located in front of Fantasyland’s It’s a Small World. But there wasn’t water at original place, so it was decided to move to the place in front of pool around Cinderella Castle.

And the current topiary was completed that expressed the wave with flower bed and making the lawn as a water surface.

Through the year the yew plum pine is at their best.

If you haven’t seen this topiary, how about checking it out next time?

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