tdr0663_It is also popular in abroad? Wedding picture that makes princess feeling


Every woman admires princess and wedding dress.

“Disney Royal Dream Wedding”, which is a popular wedding plan that can experience both at the same time.

It is a wedding plan that held at Disneyland’s symbol “Cinderella Castle” limited to one couple a day and it is not over exaggerated that bride and groom is the main character of that day.

Anyway, snapshots and videotaping is popular to leave the special wedding in memory. Especially the pictures that was taken having Cinderella Castle at back becoming very popular on Internet.

A professional cameraman shoots it, so the pictures come out fairy tale-like and beautifully, so it brightens the special day. The pictures that make you feel like becoming the real princess is very popular in foreign Disney.

There are many people who post on Instagram or Facebook.

To have pictures having Cinderella Castle at back for the memory of special day that comes only once in the life and for the memory of being a princess is fantastic.

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