tdr0549_The secret of Tokyo Disneyland and Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle


When speaking of symbol of Tokyo Disneyland is Cinderella Castle, right? It is often used for logos, so image of “Tokyo Disneyland equals Cinderella Castle” is sank deeply in people’s mind.

Anyway, did you know that this Cinderella Castle is actually a copy?

The Cinderella Castle of “Magic Kingdom”, which is Disney Park located in Florida of United States of America is the original.

Because the relationship of original and copy, so there are many common points between Cinderella Castle of Tokyo Disneyland and Magic Kingdom.

But there is one huge difference is hiding.

That huge difference is the “height” of Cinderella Castle.

Tokyo Disneyland Cinderella Castle is 167 feet and Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle is 183 feet. There is almost 16 feet difference. How come this difference occurred even it is built by copying the detail things?

Actually site area is related.

Tokyo Disneyland used to be one park before becoming 2 parks system as Tokyo DisneySea is now exists, so the site are is smaller than United States of America when comparing.

And “Walt Disney World Resort”, which has Magic Kingdom” is a huge facility that has 4 parks in total which are “Epcot”, “Disney Animal Kingdom”, and “Disney Hollywood Studio”

Therefore, when the site area is bigger the sense of distance becomes increase.

That is why Cinderella of Magic Kingdom is designed higher to be able to see from far away, but with Tokyo Disneyland there was no need, so it was designed shorter.

Balance is always important.

It is just the height of 167 feet is best height of Cinderella Castle for Tokyo Disneyland. Please don’t get me wrong that I am not trying to contend for superiority.

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