tdr0539_Who gave a speech in front of Cinderella Castle?


In January 2012, someone gave a speech at Disney Park “Magic Kingdom” of “Walt Disney World Resort” that is located at Florida, United States of America.

The speaker was “Barack Obama” who is a first American-African president of United States of America, first president born after 1960’s, and first president from Hawaii.

He is familiar with Japanese with his famous expression “Yes, we can”.

So, what kind of speech did he give at “Magic Kingdom”?

The speech he gave having 189 feet of Cinderella Castle at back of him was measures about “tourism”. He talked how the country will support tourist business to make United States of America the greatest tourism spot.

When tourism business gets better the employment increases and leads to collecting foreign capital, so everything becomes positive. To make the speech of that measures he chosen Disney Park, which is world-leading tourism spot.

More than anything anyone can recognize the “Cinderella Castle” and the brand power is great, therefore it made a great appeal.

“Popularity of Disney was used with politics”, but in other words “Disney has enormous popularity that politics even want to use”.

That’s how big the Disney’s influence is.

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