【tdr0489】Smiles bloomed in front of Cinderella Castle! Performance by kindergarteners with smile


Smile is must for dreamland.

To pull the smile of guests and make them enjoy is the biggest theme that given to Disney park.

So, Tokyo Disney Resort held a project called “Dream for Smiles” for the purpose of “expanding the circle of smiles” in 2011.

And on January 16th 2012, for compilation of the project 118 of kindergarteners of Urayasu City was gathered in front of Cinderella Castle and performed “Smiles Umbrellas”, which opening the umbrellas that have smiles of kindergarteners printed on at the same time.

“Kouji Mizutani” who is a famous art director that works worldwide cooperated the performance.

Smiles blooming all at the same time is perfect performance for the dreamland.

By the way, until January 31st 2012 with 12 lines of JR East Japan like Yamanote Line or Chuo Line posters of “pictures of guest smiling at Tokyo Disney Resort” was posted and “Train full of smiles” were running. Also at the special site, Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse was created with pictures of people smiling that people sent.

Such a heartwarming project.

Let’s hope there will be another project that makes everyone happy would be held in near future.

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