【tdr0444】How many glass was used on the Cinderella Castle’s mural paintings


Did you know that there are huge mural paintings at Cinderella Castle?

The 5 mural paintings that lined up along the corridor and it is hard to tell from the distance, but it is one of “mosaic”.

“Mosaic” is one of decorative art techniques that creates figures, paintings, or patterns by embedding the small pieces of stone, tile, glass, or shell.

So, the mosaic of Cinderella Castle uses colored glass.

The mural painting is created by placing the colored glasses finely, so it is glittering and beautiful. To create that in that size and even 5 of it then the amount of glass that used was defiantly enormous.

Then how many glasses were used?

Surprisingly more than 100,000 of Italian glass were used.

It is overwhelming that it doesn’t really click.

That more than 100,000 of Italian glasses took care by Japanese craftsman spending a year to accomplish based on design of “Dorothea Redmond” who is American mosaic artist.

Because of the fine design, certain craftsman’s technique, and bright Italian glasses the mural painting became so beautiful.

Speaking of Cinderella, the glass slippers.

Based on that the mural paintings made of glass were created at Cinderella Castle and glass crafts shop “Glass slippers”.

It is such a wonderful setting that used image of the story.

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