【tdr0263】How tall is the Cinderella Castle? Let’s unravel the secret of altitude of Prometheus volcano.


Cinderella Castle has been loved by people as symbol of Disney park since Tokyo Disneyland has opened.

The height of Cinderella Castle is 168 feet.

Because it has this highest, so you might think Cinderella Castle is the highest at Tokyo Disney Resort, but actually the highest attraction is “Tower of Terror” of Tokyo DisneySea.

Actually it has 193 feet and it is 26 feet taller than the “Cinderella Castle”.

Then you might think the “Cinderella Castle” is the second highest, but it is not completely right. It is because Tokyo DisneySea’s “Prometheus volcano” has the same height 168 feet as the “Cinderella Castle”.

But this is the matter of numbers and actually these aren’t the same height.

Then which one is taller, the Cinderella Castle or Prometheus volcano? Actually “Prometheus volcano”.

The difference is just few inches. But why both has the same height of 198 feet, but have that difference?

When constructing “Prometheus volcano”, the subsidence of the erection location was assumed. Due to the subsidence consideration the Prometheus volcano was constructed as 168 feet (when subsidence occurred in the future).

It is unknown how the Great East Japan Earthquake affected in 2011, but it might be already at the same height as Cinderella Castle… may be.

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