【tdr0219】The tip of Cinderella Castle isn’t blue?


The Cinderella Castle that is loved from the days of opening of Tokyo Disneyland as a symbol. The blue roof and fine decoration is very unique that it gives delicate elegance image to people.

Such a beautiful Cinderella Castle, did you know that it is structure with 29 of towers?

I am sure you realize it having thick and thin several towers. By that roof of these towers are blue the Cinderella Castle’s image color became blue, but there is one tower that doesn’t have color of blue.

That is the tallest tower. This tower is the only one that doesn’t have color of blue, but gold.

But why it became gold?

The answer is hiding behind the “Sleeping Beauty” Castle.

The castle of The Sleeping Beauty design was made having ideas of combining castles that exists in Europe including “Neuschwanstein Castle”. During the process of finishing up the design the tallest tower that is towards right hand side of castle of Sleeping Beauty is painted gold by getting inspiration somehow.

Then Cinderella Castle was inspired from castle of Sleeping Beauty.

The reason that tallest tower of Cinderella Castle became gold is related to Walt Disney who is the father of Disney. Walt loved the color of gold, so it would be easier for him to find from the sky (heaven).

Such an unique thought.

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