【tdr0032】 Diamond embedded in the Cinderella Castle


When hearing “Tokyo Disneyland”, many people would think of the Cinderella Castle, which has been very popular as a symbol of Disneyland since its opening.

Inside the Cinderella Castle, there is a glassware shop called “The Glass Slipper”, which is a key item in the Cinderella story. With the gorgeous interior, the glass products look even brighter and shinier. You can find great gifts as well as see demonstration of glass processing. Why don’t you stop by the shop to have a valuable experience?

Besides, there is one thing you should see in “The Glass Slipper”. Just in front of the shop, along with the hallway of the castle, there are five great wall paintings, one of which has a real diamond embedded.

Among the five paintings, you will find one depicting a scene in which Cinderella is running up the stairs. On the left side of the painting, there is a lady in dark pink dress, looking away. Look closely at an earring on her right ear. Yes, a real diamond is embedded there. It is as large as the index finger tip above the first joint.

As diamond of this size is not normally found in a place where anyone can touch, it is a great chance to touch the precious stone. It might bring you a good luck.

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