【tdr0012】Secret of the coat of arms on Cinderella Castle


Tokyo Disneyland’s symbolic landmark, Cinderella Castle has a certain coat of arms on it. The fact is this is of the Disney Clan ? yes, the family of Walt Disney, the father of Disney animation.

The coat of arms is found in two different places on the castle.

One is located above the front archway entrance to the castle (in the World Bazaar side), and another is above the entrance in the Fantasyland side. The coat of arms has three lions surrounded by flourishes.

By the way, the coat of arms is also found on Sleeping Beauty Castle, the landmark of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. (Please note that this is different from the Disney family’s historical crest.)

Anyway, it is cool that the Disney Clan’s coat of arms is put on the Disneyland’s symbol Cinderella Castle, isn’t it? The father of Disney films, Walt Disney must be happy about it.

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