tdr0972_The size of nose of Mickey and Minnie is different?


“Mickey” with adorable huge ears, huge mouth, huge ears, and huge nose and “Minnie” who is a girlfriend of Mickey with huge ribbon and does adorable behaviors.

Both of them are popular characters that created in motif of mouse and are characters represent Disney.

Anyway, such adorable Mickey and Minnie, both of them are mouse character, but there are few differences between them.

When having a quick look there are few differences that you find such as eyelash, lipstick, or clothes, but there is huge difference that we tend not to realize.

That is “the size of nose”.

With animation their nose are the same, but Mickey and Minnie that we get to see at Park the nose size is different that Mickey’s nose is twice bigger than Minnie.

This can only be realized when you see it closely.

Moreover, this also hard to realize, but Mickey’s face is slightly bigger than Minnie.

The size of nose and the size of face…that differences were made according to the figure balance of male and female.

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