tdr0960_The reason why Donald’s uncle Scrooge doesn’t get married


“Scrooge McDuck” made a debut as Donald’s uncle with film “Scrooge McDuck and Money”.

He is known as a richest character in fiction industry, super therifty character, remembered all the bill code that he owns, and can distinguish the money that which money he earned with which work, so he is such a character that is so picky about money, but surprisingly he has a girlfriend.

Although, he doesn’t want to get married with her or more like he decided not to get married for life.

Why he doesn’t get married?

That reason is “he doesn’t want to share his assets”.

The money he owned is his’s. If there is need to share the money when getting married then he isn’t willing to get marry. This is policy of Scrooge.

It makes us disgusted that why would he want to protect his money, but he was almost getting married twice before, so we never know if he stays single for life.

May be in the future Scrooge get married at all the sudden…

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