tdr0953_Story of “My Friend Duffy” that renewed


“Duffy” is a mascot character of Tokyo DisneySea.

When speaking of main show of such Duffy is “My Friend Duffy”, right?

The performance started at “Cape Cod Cook Off”, which is a restaurant that is located in American Waterfront as a regular show that can be enjoyed while having meal on March 20th 2010, but on January 20th 2014 the story was renewed completely and restarted after made guests enjoy for about 4 years until January 5th 2014.

Anyway, I am sure there are many people who have seen the performance of “My Friend Duffy” know about “My Friend Duffy” before the renewal or after the renewal.

I would like to introduce how the story changed before and after the renewal for those.

– Story from March 20th 2010 to January 4th 2014.

Scene1: Story of Mickey and Duffy meets.

Minnie made bear stuffed doll for Mickey who is going on a journey with ship and showed him that. Mickey who saw that bear named it “Duffy” taken from “duffel bag that carries while having stuffed toy in it”, which Minnie made.

Because Mickey and Minnie wished, Duffy became big and able to speak.

Scene 2: Story of Mickey and Duffy going on adventure.

Duffy who was walking on the beach on his own he meets postman “Tippy Blue”. Tippy Blue taught Duffy who was about to go on sailing that “ocean is a scary place”, so Duffy became afraid of ocean.

But Mickey taught such Duffy about “things that are waiting over the ocean”, so they depart for sailing.

– Story from January 20th 2014 to current.

Scene2: Story of Mickey and Duffy going on adventure.
(Same as above)

Scene 3: Story of Shellie May born.

Mickey and Duffy brought so many souvenirs.

Mickey and Minnie get so excited about reunion. Duffy who saw such of them envied and started to have an idea of “wanting close friends”. So, Duffy threw small bottle with letter that he wrote his wish to the ocean.

Tippy Blue who found the small bottle gave the letter to Minnie and she made Shellie May to make Duffy’s dream come true.

As you can see from story above that scene 2, which was performed with show before the renewal and scene 3, which is sequel to that became the show after the renewal, so the way Duffy growing and how Shellie May was born can be seen with this performance.

There is no planning to perform the scene 1, but it is such a rare show that allows you to see Duffy and Shellie May, so how about watching the show next time?

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