tdr0948_Pluto’s dog breed


“Pluto” is one of Mickey family and is only character who doesn’t speak.

He is an adorable dog that melts people’s heart as Mickey’s beloved dog, but about the dog breed is not well known.

Pluto’s dog breed is “bloodhound”.

It is sleuthhound dog breed from Belgium (mainly used as beast hound) and the name of dog breed means “pureblood dog that inherit the noble blood”.

Bloodhound is excellent with sense of smell that even has status of “Magic scent” that it can distinguish the smell of old smell that has been 1 or 2 weeks or even floating odor that gets left when traveling with vehicles.

Therefore, it is used as scent hunt, which trace the blood of game that got hurt or as police dog from long time ago world widely.

Bloodhound that often sees as a pet has impression of having intense saggy skin and heavy built, but bloodhound that is used for hunting does not have saggy skin that it is very fit.

Pluto probably created having the latter one as a model.

Pluto made a debut as police dog with ” The Chain Gang” (released on September 5th 1930), but with film “The Moose Hunt” (released on May 3rd 1931), which he first got his name “Pluto” goes for hunting with Mickey, so it is agreeable that model of Pluto is bloodhound.

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