tdr0944_Peter Pan and Wendy got married? Wedding filled with happiness that became true


14th feature length animated film “Peter Pan” was released on February 5th 1953 ‘March 22nd 1955 in Japan).

Hero of this story is the eternally boy “Peter Pan” and heroine is “Wendy” who wears light blue nightdress.

During the story Peter Pan and Wendy attached each other, but they never got together. So, Peter Pan spent his life being a boy and Wendy became a mother of two children.

Hero and heroine that never became together.

It is a quite rare ending for Disney films, but in real life Peter Pan and Wendy got married.

What does that mean?

Actually cast who plays role of Peter Pan and Wendy at Disneyland of America got married.

They often had opportunities of spending time together at Disneyland.

They nurtured their love through their work as a cast and finally married.

Picture of Peter Pan wearing tuxedo and Wendy wearing wedding dress with full of love has uploaded on the Internet and they received many blessings from Disney fans.

They never got together with original story, but couple getting married though the role in real life is may be the magic of dreamland.

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