tdr0940_What inspired Scrooge to go to America was “10 cent coin”? The surprising reason


“Scrooge McDuck” is the richest person in the world and also uncle of Donald Duck.

He is a super thrifty that he loves money more than anything and to earn money is the only purpose in his life, but where he was born, where he was raise, or how he started to get crazy with money is not very well known.

Actually Scrooge is from Scotland, not America and he decided to go to America by having inspired by “10 cent coin” that he got from his first salary.

Then he started to save money by showing his ability of action and was successful grabbing the American dream and huge money.

Because he has mind of “money is everything”, “doing anything for money” rather than “earning money”, may be that is why he became super wealthy.

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