tdr0928_”Three Little Pigs” have relative that is so close to certain Disney character!?


Short film “Three Little Pigs” was released on May 27th 1933 as 36th of silly symphony series.

It is such a famous story that is created based on famous fairy tail that has same title.

Anyway, when speaking of “Three Little Pigs”, there is no mother or father became sausage, so there is no family except the brothers.

But such those three pigs has “relative”.

The relative is called “Peter Pig”.

Her appeared first time on the screen with short film “The Wise Little Hen” that released on June 9th 1934.

When speaking of “The Wise Little Hen”, It is one of Mickey Friends “Donald Duck” made debut on and Peter appeared as a character that is close to Donald.

By the way Peter Pig also appeared in “The Band of Concert” that was released on February 23rd 1935 as Trumpet player, so in total we can see him with 2 films.

It is quite surprising That Three Little Pigs had relative and that relative is close to Donald.

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