tdr0923_Fun to change the clothes! Duffy’s costume


“Duffy” is a mascot character of Tokyo DisneySea.

Since making a debut in 2004 it has been already 10 years, but the popularity still growing.

The reason why Duffy has that much popularity is of course the fluffy and sweet looks, but there is other reason that is supporting Duffy’s popularity.

That is “change the clothes”.

Many costumes of Duffy are made that many limited costumes have sold like costumes according to events like Halloween or Christmas or costumes of each attraction.

And people have fun by dressing “My Duffy” or to show off the originality is one of way of Duffy fan enjoys.

The needs of changing clothes is quite high that popularity vote of costumes that have sold in past was held in 2014, which is the 10th anniversary of Duffy.

From November 10th to November 28th 2014 the total votes cast went over 150,000 votes.

By having the result of votes, the top 3 costumes resale with program of “Journey with Duffy Your Friend Forever”, “Encore Collection”.

Also there are many Duffy fans that make costume by hand and dress the Duffy and many people have fun as if they are making their own child’s clothes, also there are websites that make the costume for Duffy and Shellie May, so the ways of fans to enjoy is expanding.

Duffy who is loved by many people in different way than Mickey and other characters.

How about dressing your own “My Duffy” ?

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