tdr0920_Disney characters wear custom made raincoat on rainy day


The dreamland “Tokyo Disney Resort” operates of course on the sunny days, but it operates as usual even on rainy days.

On rainy days it is so humid and there are many troubles when doing activities outdoor, but weather has nothing to do with Disney characters! Parades and shows will occur as usual except when the weather is extremely bad.

Although, Disney characters don’t go outside without having any measures when it is raining.

Actually Disney characters perform wearing clear plastic raincoat that is perfectly suited on their body.

This raincoat is well made that it is created according to the shape of each costume, because they wear it over the costume, so Mickey’s raincoat has hood that covers his hat and huge ears perfectly.

Donald’s raincoat covers his popped belly and skinny Goofy’s is made thin, so each raincoat is custom made.

It doesn’t bother them when performing and to not ruin the costume design the custom made raincoats that are made according to their body including costume are provided.

Raincoats are remade every time the costume changes. Moneywise it is quite a burden, but because Disney is particular about showing the Disney characters better even on the rainy days.

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