tdr0919_Flip book with Gogono Koucha? Moving Mickey and other characters are so cute!


“Kirin Gogono Koucha” produces package collaborated with Disney often.

It is gathering popularity from not only from Disney fans by having different illustration designs every time, but design of 2013 had playful design that cannot notice when it is not told.

Actually illustration of package is design to make flip book.

Which is?

That flip book package was sold from April 9th 2013. Since renewing black tea, milk tea, lemon tea the package design collaborated with Disney, so packages of “black tea: Mickey”, “milk tea: Donald”, and “lemon tea: pooh” were produced.

The illustration is on the front and side of plastic bottle.

Number is on the bottom of each illustration and when lining up the bottles according to the number … Mickey and other characters move like flip book.

Each package has different flip book and the details are below.

– Mickey: black tea (60 frames in total) flip book of swinging baton
– Donald: milk tea (18 frames in total) flip book of playing trumpet
– Pooh: lemon tea (18 frames in total) flip book of running with clapping hands

The reason Mickey has more frames is probably because he is the character who represents Disney.

Reference video

Koushirabakyuu San

When playing the Gogono Koucha Disney illustration in order (Mickey Mouse)

When playing the Gogono Koucha Disney illustration in order (Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh)

Reference website

rabaQ “Wait, this is incredible!! Elaborated secret is hidden when seeing the package of Gogono Koucha carefully.”

Now Gogono Koucha with these packages are not sold, but there is a video of verifying uploaded on Internet, so please check it out if you are curious.

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