tdr0915_Character who made a parade debut with “Happiness is Here”


“The Happiness Year” was held from April 15th 2013 for celebrating 30th year of Tokyo Disney Resort.

On the same day, day parade “Happiness is Here”, which is one of the event programs that floats that are created in motif of Disney characters appear started, so guests inside the Park was all excited and there is a Disney character who made a parade debut with this parade.

That character is the main character of film “Tangled”, “Rapunzel”.

Rapunzel that has long endless blonde hair as a trademark made a debut on “Happiness is Here”.

By the way “Tangled” was released on March 12th 2011 in Japan, so she made a debut after 2 years from the film released.

She could have made a debut a bit earlier, but she probably had many circumstances.

Parade that changes every time the new film comes out. It is exciting to see what kind of characters will liven up the parade from now on.

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