tdr0902_”Certain snack” from Morinaga has same birthday as Tokyo Disneyland?


Disney characters have been collaborated with various snack packages.

Actually “certain snack” that has Disney character on the package has same birthday as Tokyo Disneyland.

That certain snake is “Packncho” from Morinaga.

The package is of course, but it also has characters on the cookie dough that it is a popular chocolate snack in Morinaga and it started to sell on April 15th 1983, which is the same day Tokyo Disneyland opened.

The package when it started to sell has Mickey.

After that Donald appeared on the package, old Mickey appeared after, so the package changed towards more pop style.

And in 2013, which is the year Tokyo Disneyland celebrated 30th year, it sold limited package with Mickey and Minnie original dress up stickers (6 kinds in total) for limited numbers to celebrate the 30th year since the first sale. The snack celebrated the 30th year with limited package.

In 2015, Packncho’s package has changed to new design, which has easter egg illustration.

I hope this snack will continue loved together with Disneyland by many people.

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