tdr0893_Very powerful! Huge Disney art made with sand


Disney character’s snow sculptures and ice sculptures can be seen at Tokyo Disney Resort or Sapporo Snow Festival, but oversea there is an event of huge Disney characters made with “sand”.

This event is called “Sand Sculpting” and it is hold at Melbourne, Australia.

Every year various sand arts using huge area of Australia and red sand are developing and Disney character’s sand art also produced at this event.

With “Sand Sculpting Australia “Friend, Foes & Super Heroes”” that was held from December 26th 2014 to April 26th 2015, Mickey, Minnie, characters familiar from Disney films or Pixar films, characters from Star Wars that people were crazy about the new episode, or characters from Marvel that has American heroes were gathered and gathered many attentions.

Total amount of sand that is used on that year was 3,500 ton. This is such an overwhelming weight that it is hard to imagine.

Sand bottle workshop booth and huge sand box were provided other than sand arts at this event, so it was an event that can be enjoyed by family.

It is exciting to see hat kind of characters will become sand art next.

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