tdr0892_Origin of the name of “Buzz Lightyear”


“Buzz Lightyear” is a main character that appears in Pixar’s famous film “Toy Story”.

He is a space ranger toy with signature phrase of “to the infinity and beyond” and he looks like a solid astronaut.

Anyway, “Buzz Lightyear” who looks and plays the role of toy themed space, but did you know that his name has relation with space?

Actually “Buzz Lightyear’s” “Light year” uses on distance unit in astronomy and “Buzz” comes from American astronaut “Edwin Aldrin”

When “Edwin Aldrin” was born (in 1930) he was given a name of “Edwin Eugene Aldrin Junior”, but he introduced himself “Buzz Aldrin” and he signed as “Buzz Aldrin” on at all times that it doesn’t matter if it was on private documents or formal documents.

Therefore he fixed his name “Edwin Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin” as an official name legally in 1998.

Then the name of “Buzz Lightyear” by having his “Buzz” was born.

By the way, apparently the reason Edwin started to call himself “Buzz” is because his sister had smooth tongue.

The way his sister call “brother” sounded “buzzer” and since that it got shortened by fooling around and repeating that it became “Buzz” then it became Edwin’s nickname.

Edwin probably loved the name of “Buzz” that he even made his nickname to his official name.

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