tdr0883_That villain is not good at writing the signature? Character that give random signature every time


Greeting allows guests to meet Disney characters inside the park.

How do you enjoy it?

I am sure overwhelmingly people take photo with characters, but some guests enjoy by collecting character’s signatures.

“Signature collecting” is quite a fun when collecting it because each character will give unique signature.

It is hand written, so one of the attractions is “there is no signature that is same, because it is not copy and paste” and due to writing pressure and balance every signature look different.

Although, those differences are within allowance.

But there is a character that gives signature randomly every time and when it gets worse it is hard to recognize if it is a word or not.

That character is “Gideon”.

It is a villain foolish cat that appears in film “Pinocchio”.

His signature has unique point that first and last alphabet is in capital letter like “GideoN” and the circle of “i” has big black circle and “e” is the other way around that it is mirror writing, so it is usually written incorrectly that “N” seems like “I” and “V” writing together.

At this point guests want to say something to him, but it is still better the fact it can read “Gideon”.

When it is worse the other alphabets other than the first letter become something else.

It is unknown if he has forgotten how to write alphabets or he was in hurry, but his signature becomes foolish as he is a foolish cat.

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