tdr0870_Alice’s incredible behavior that made a crying girl stop crying


We see many families with small kids often at Tokyo Disneyland.

They are spending peaceful time that it makes others feel warm, but small kids get grumpy with small things and get fussy, so it is not that easy to keep them in happy mood all day.

Small kids don’t just stop crying when telling them to “stop crying” and it is hard to catch their attention… I am sure all the parents have experienced these situation once before.

“Fussy girl/ fussy boy” trouble parents.

But they stop crying at dreamland. Surprising story was tweeted on Twitter.

One day.

Little girl was fussing at Disneyland.

Parents of that little girl were having difficult time, but they spotted Alice walking near and told their daughter that “see, there is Alice” and they all went towards Alice.

Alice realized the little girl sobbing, so she kneeled, hugged, and made her calm by singing with beautiful voice.

Guests who saw this situation tweeted about this. Many compliments were said for this splendid correspondence.

The response capability that doing the best flexibly is amazing.

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