tdr0860_High quality! Disney ice sculpture that display at Belgium is incredible!


Every year Snow Festival that displays sculptures that used 661386lbs of ice and 400 ton of snow at Bruges, Belgium.

The event is called “Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival”.

The venue was holding at in front of Bruges Station and sculptures that is matched the theme that is decided on the year gets display.

It is one of famous snow festivals in Europe and the theme of 2012 was decided on “Disney”, because that year was 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, which is Disney Park in Europe.

At snow festival that collaborated with Disney many fantastic ice sculptures lined up like ice sculpture version of partners statue, which Mickey and Walt holding hands or resemble the famous scenes of Cinderella, Aladdin, or Snow White, so fairy tail like world of view was performed.

Also there was an ice bar so people could drink while looking over the fantastic sculptures.

People could enjoy drinks inside the beautiful atmosphere that is so far from the reality that spreads over in front.

The place was pretty cold that the temperature was only 21 to 3.2 degree, but it is worth going to the ice version of dreamland for once in a lifetime.

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