tdr0859_When are the Disney Family’s birthdays?


When speaking of most well known birthday of Disney character is of course “Mickey Mouse” who represents Disney character.

His birthday is on November 18th 1928, which he made a screen debut and Minnie who is girlfriend of Minnie has the same birthday.

Their birthday is talked about in various scenes, so Mickey’s birthday is famous. Although “regular characters” that are called Disney family’s birthdays are not very well known.

So, I have made the list of Disney family’s birthdays.

[character] [Released date/birthday] [Title of debut film]

Mickey Mouse_November 18th 1928_Steamboat Willie
Minnie Mouse _Same as Mickey
Pluto_September 5th 1930_The Chain Gang
Goofy_May 25th 1932_Mickey’s Revue
Donald Duck_June 9th 1934_The Wise Little Hen
Daisy Duck_January 9th 1937_Don Donald
Chin n’ Dale_April 2nd 1943_Private Pluto

From the birthday list we can see Disney family is “very old”. It is quite sad, but the super star Mickey is 88 years old in 2015.

In 2017 Pluto will be 88 years old.

I hope all the best to Disney family.

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