tdr0856_First voice actor of Donald actually did other Disney character’s voice?


“Donald Duck” has unique rough voice and talks volubly.

By “Clarence Nash” who is the first voice actor who putted voice on Donald the strong impact voice permeated worldwide.

Clarence permeated the rough voice that everyone imagine Donald Duck when hearing the voice, but did you know he did voice for other Disney characters?

Actually, Clarence also did Donald’s nephews “Huey, Dewey, Louie” and Donald’s girlfriend “Daisy”.

Therefore, “Donald’s Nephews”, which Huey, Dewey, Louie appeared on screen for the first time and “Don Donald”, which Daisy appeared on screen for the first time had only characters appeared for first time with Donald, so both films are done by “only Clarence”.

To do several characters at the same time can only done with high skills.

It is because Clarence had that skill, so he was successfully putting voices on each character.

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