tdr0855_Genie in Lamp “Genie” has girlfriend?


“Genie” is Genie in Lamp that appears in Disney film “Aladdin”.

He is so cheerful, shows off his unique high speed talking technique, and most inspiring character that he has such a strong impact, but there is a side of him that is not well-known.

That is “he has a girlfriend”.

Actually he has a girlfriend and he is having long distance relationship with her.

His girlfriend appears in TV series of “Aladdin’s Arabian adventure”.

During the story, green colored female genie appears as “Genie in bottle”.

Her name is “Eden”.

She is such a cheerful character equally to Genie and black hair ponytail is very imposing. This Eden fell in love with Genie at first sight then they became a couple.

Genie and genie, they are such a cheerful and active best couple.

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